There are many potential risks that must be cautioned when it comes to painting your house. Most early paint failures occur because of a poor decisions at some point in the process that results in premature failure or poor finished product.

Mistake #1: Using low quality paint. Bargain bin paint is really fool’s gold: It can be much more difficult to apply, its applied appearance can be less than ideal, and it simply won’t last as long as top quality paint. If the allure of a cheap paint is too strong, keep those brushes handy as you will be needing them sooner rather then later to repaint the house. Alternatively you can buy high quality paint that is top of the line and 100% acrylic. You will yield a better looking, longer lasting paint job.

Mistake #2: Using low quality rollers and brushes. Substandard sundries may cost a little less, but they make a paint job more difficult and almost always affect the finished appearance of the paint. Cheap rollers can often shed lint and lead to an uneven finish on the wall. Higher quality applicators will make it easy to apply a thicker, more uniform coat of paint and thus a nicer appearance in the end.

Mistake #3: Not completing the proper level of surface preparation. In the exterior setting that usually means scraping and sanding to remove loose or peeling paint, priming unpainted surfaces, and removing dirt and mildew. When on the interior, good surface prep involves washing walls and woodwork, correcting surface imperfections with drywall compound, caulking, and concealing stains with an appropriate primer. The difference is in the details.

Mistake #4: Painting in the wrong weather conditions. When it is very cold, excessively hot, very windy or raining. Attempt to paint in moderate temperatures. Temperatures between 10 and 25 degrees is ideal with low humidity levels.

Just invest in the best quality paint and equipment, resist the temptation to take shortcuts on surface preparation, and pay attention to the weather when painting outdoors. It’s a fool-proof formula for painting success!