Office painting isn’t just about brightening up spaces. It’s about making office spaces more efficient, happier, and even safer.

Your office is a business. It’s important to market your office as one. Businesses that take the time and effort to make their office look professional get noticed, and painting services are a great start.

Having your office or business painted is a proactive way to show that you’re taking management seriously. Commercial Painting is also about improving the overall work environment by adding more color and life to it. The benefits of office painting aren’t just cosmetic, as our painters take into account the client’s specific needs when planning paint projects.

We can accommodate interior painting and exterior commercial painting services in Winnipeg and surround areas. We will consider the design and current use as well. They will also think about lighting, acoustics, ergonomics, productivity, morale, safety, and aesthetics.

All of these considerations ensure your office is painted effectively and professionally to achieve the best results possible.

Our Winnipeg painters will be glad to help guide you through the painting process as your space gets a fresh new look. We’ll ensure that there are no unwanted interruptions or distractions when it comes time for work and they can focus solely on getting things done right!


Office painting remodeling is about using the office space in the most effective way possible. When paint colors are effectively utilized to define space, workers can find their way around spaces quickly and safely with less confusion than before. There’s nothing worse than walking into a meeting room only to hear everyone else ask “which room is this?”

Working in office spaces that aren’t painted can be frustrating and stressful. Dull office colors not only fail to inspire workers, but it’s well documented that color choices affect employee morale as well.

Office painting & remodeling services can also help safety by using color schemes to make spaces more visible and therefore safer. Painters will consider space size, geometry, composition, use, occupancy rates, and even seasonality when planning an office painting project.


Initial painting consultations help office managers to create an effective plan for painting that addresses the specific needs of their space and employees. The consultation process also helps to address any special considerations for lighting, acoustics, ergonomics, productivity, morale, safety, and aesthetics.

Painters will first apply a primer, if necessary, and then paint according to their specific painting plan. This plan includes thorough coverage as well as extra coats for some areas if needed. Painters always take into consideration any equipment and furniture that needs to be moved prior to painting.


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Perry Wellington Painting and Decorating Winnipeg can help you with small and large jobs. No matter the size of your commercial painting project, the degree of customization required, or the type of painting or coating you need, we’re confident we can find a solution that suits your needs. 

We are the best choice as we stick to a schedule and work for a reasonable price. Call us today, and you’ll soon experience the best painting experience there is.


  • A professional job will freshen up office space by providing a fresh coat of paint in new colors that complement each other instead of clashing.
  • When painting professionals correctly paint spaces, workers will be able to enjoy the office more and see their work as a more enjoyable process.
  • A professional painter can help workers to focus better by creating an environment that is free of distractions and blockages that would otherwise affect their productivity.
  • An office painted by professionals will likely provide workers with peace of mind knowing that their office is safe both during and after painting services.
  • Professional painters will work around workers’ busy schedules and ensure top worker safety at all times.


Perry Wellington has dedicated and experienced painters that ensure a quality paint job every time. Managers can call us to schedule an appointment during which we will provide them with a free estimate over the phone.

When managers choose to hire Perry Wellington for their painting project, they can expect professional painters who are reliable and efficient. Our painters always complete a paint job on time and budget. Office managers will work with a dedicated paint team from start to finish.

Office Painting FAQs

What is office coverage?

Office coverage refers to the square footage that Winnipeg painters will paint when completing office painting services.

What is office primer, and do we need it?

Primer is the first coat of paint applied as a base for other painting coats. Primer paint works to prepare painted surfaces, to fill in any cracks, and to create an even surface that is easy to coat. Painting contractors may apply multiple layers of primer if needed prior to final painting coats.

What office equipment and furniture needs to be moved before office painting services?

Typically, painters will move desks (unless the desk is extremely heavy or bulky), cabinets, chairs, and other items that can be easily removed. Painters may need to move certain wall paneling and other items, depending on the design.

Where do office painters perform office painting services?

Painters typically work in office buildings, office complexes, and industrial campuses. Managers can schedule painters in Winnipeg in their offices or conference rooms with Perry Wellington painters seven days a week.

How long does office painting take?

The time painting companies take to complete a painting job depends on the space and design of managers’ offices. Generally, painters will work quickly and efficiently and complete painting services within one day (or split a large office into multiple sessions).

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