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Property Management Service In Winnipeg Mb

Perry Wellington Painting & Decorating has an intimate understanding of the needs of a property manager. There is a delicate balance between quality and cost. It is very important to make sure the rental suite shows very well in order to create a demand for that unit. You want it to be occupied right away and for that to happen it has to look good. On the other hand, you do not have an unlimited budget. Watching the dollars and cents and looking after the financial well being of your real estate asset is also very important.

That is why we are always mindful of these element and find creative ways to give you the best value possible in reaching a beautiful aesthetic finished product and at the same time not breaking the bank. We offer contractor bases products at usually lower rates. We can offer single coat paint jobs.

We also have a very special division in our company where we have painters that only focus on Property Management Painting and are well practiced in getting a job done very quickly.

We understand that we have a very short time to turn around a suite. Often it is as short as a day between when the former tenant moves out and when a new tenant moves in. We work very hard to understand the needs of our property management clients to plan ahead and make sure we are on time and on budget.