Pressure Washing

Pressure washing on wall

Pressure Washing Services In Winnipeg Mb

To attain the longest lifespan for your exterior painting on your house, the siding, stucco, masonry or any other service must be very well cleaned. A pressure washer offers a quick and easy way to get the job done. However, it must be done by a trained individual that knows what they are doing. If you aren’t careful, the high water pressure makes it fairly easy to damage the surface you are washing and even cause water damage to the areas underneath the wall cavities beneath the surface.

Hand-washing Vs. Pressure Washing

There are certainly advantages hand washing over pressure washing before painting your house. It can avoid damage and on smooth surfaces could do a better job of removing surface dirt and debris. Pressure washers are great for removing loose paint on rough surfaces such as stucco. Hand washing is not appropriate for removal of paint.

Pressure Washing Cautions:

Etching. Pressure washers have the capability of cutting into concrete and masonry so it is certainly easy to cause damage to softer surfaces like wood siding. We avoid this by washing from the proper distance. We also use the proper spray tip that reduces the concentrated pressure.
Injecting. Spraying at the incorrect angles can put moisture behind the exterior facade and into the sheathing. For example spraying upwards under the siding boards. We are mindful of this and spray at the correct angles. We also watch out for other openings, such as vents, air vents in the attic or crawlspace, and cracks around windows and doors.