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Removal of old wallpaper

Wallpaper Removal In Winnipeg Mb

Perry Wellington Painting & Decorating is proudly servicing commercial businesses and residential homes in Winnipeg. Providing the most highly-rated contractor services has been a pleasure as we continue to grow. We are fully licensed and insured and all of our valued team members have advanced training, years of expertise, and utilize the exclusive professional grade equipment, tools, and products in all of work. In additional to executing premium results with all of our services, we passionately deliver friendly customer service and extend our high moral standards to everyone we come into contact with.

When it comes time to replace the old wallpaper with either a new fresh style of wallpaper, wall coverings, or simply wanting the wall painted one step must never be neglected; and that is removing the old wallpaper. We understand the importance of this procedure, and with our meticulous nature, the wallpaper will be efficiently stripped and removed.

Commercial Wallpaper Stripping & Removal

Commercial businesses looking to modernize their image may choose to remove old wallpaper, install new wall coverings, or even paint the building with the latest colours and trends. With wallpaper, you can never tell how the removal process will unfold. It could come off with ease and very quick. It might be stubborn and difficult, and potentially cause damage the drywall behind it.

Residential Home Wallpaper Stripping & Removal

Residential homes in need of an update can greatly appreciate the wallpaper removal. Out of date and peeling wallpaper needs an upgraded. However, before the new wallpaper or paint is applied to your walls, it is important all remnants of the old wallpaper are removed.

Test A Small Area

In order to know the procedure we are going to use it is important to test removal on a small area.

Dining Area - Restaurant Painting
Removal of old wallpaper

Protect Furniture, Floors And Electrical Outlets

Wallpaper removal can be a messy job. Covering and moving all items in the room is a very important step.

Score The Wallpaper

A scoring tool will make the task much easier. It creates tiny holes in the wallpaper that allows the remover solution to penetrate the wallpaper. Simply rub it over the area you are working on in a circular motion while applying even pressure.

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