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Stucco Painting Services In Winnipeg Mb

When your stucco is ready it is then time to prepare your stucco with a pressure wash to ensure all the dirt, debris and grime is removed. If your stucco currently has a paint coating it is important to remove any loose or pealing paint as new paint will not adhere to a surface that is not solid and firm. If you require we can conduct a colour consultation with you long before the project starting so that you have time to thing and pick the colour that will suit you.
When it comes to paint products available for stucco you have a few. There is100 percent acrylic which is always a popular choice for its long history of proven longevity. We also have Elastomeric Coatings which is growing in popularity for its stretchy, malleable, durable and extremely thick paint that has an acrylic base. We also have a series of exterior paint stains that are great for uncoated stucco surfaces.

Benefits Of Winnipeg Stucco Painting Services

Added Home Value

They say curb appeal attributes to 15% of your homes value? Having fresh and cleanly painted stucco on your home can increase the value of your property by helping to make it fire resistant. It also helps to make it a low maintenance surface. It adds great curb appeal to a property as well. Some homes with stucco can even apply for improved home insurance premiums.

Simple And Fast Application

Spraying or rolling on stucco onto the exterior of your home only takes two days on average. We are in and out before you know it with minimal disruption to you.

Stucco Is Very Durable And Resistant

Over time stucco can look faded and tired. By investing in a paint coating you will be investing in the longevity of the stucco and prolong the life by protecting it from the elements while at the same time improving the look of your home. Perry Wellington Painting & Decorating will bring it back to life with a meticulous painting process that prevents future damage and gives it a beautiful look all year around.

Maintenance Is Simple And Easy

You know as a homeowner that maintaining your property takes a lot of work. Stucco makes your life easier by being low-maintenance in nature. It does not need to be repainted often, but when it does, you shouldn’t wait. Having it painted will renew your homes appearance and really turn some heads. Painted stucco is also great in Winnipeg to keep walls protected from the harsh elements. Easily washable, a light wash every season will keep the stucco looking fresh and clean.