Painting Mistakes Made By Homeowners

Are you a homeowner who has recently undertaken the task of painting your home’s interior? If so, you’re likely aware that people make a few common mistakes when painting. We all indeed make mistakes. But when it comes to painting, the consequences of those mistakes can be costly and last for years (or more). 

It is crucial to consider multiple factors, including the type of paint to use and the surface you’re painting. And if you’re not careful, you can make some avoidable mistakes. Learning about these mistakes and avoiding that will increase the chances of your paint job looking professional.

Using the Wrong Brush

The primary mistake people make is using the wrong brush for the type of paint. This can lead to streaks and an overall uneven finish. Brushes are specifically designed for different surfaces, so it might seem obvious that you would use a roller if you’re painting a flat surface.

To avoid this, use a brush appropriate for the type of paint you are using. For example, a nylon brush is suitable for latex paints, while a bristle brush is better for oil-based paints.

Failing to Prep and Prime Surfaces Before Painting

Another most common mistake made by homeowners is when the painting is not priming or prepping the surface properly. This is because they are in a hurry or think it’s unnecessary. However, priming and prepping surfaces are essential to getting a good paint job.

Prepping and priming surfaces before painting helps the paint stick better, reduces the amount of paint that needs to be pressed into a finished surface, and reduces or eliminates any texture that remains after applying a coat of paint. 

painting mistakes made by homeowners

Choosing the Wrong Colour that Doesn’t Match the Décor

Sometimes homeowners think they’re choosing the right colour for their home, but it doesn’t match anything else in the décor. It can look very unprofessional and sometimes does not go with the homeowner’s taste or style.

These types of mistakes can be fixed and sometimes come out looking even better than before. However, this just shows the homeowner doesn’t know what they’re doing and usually isn’t a professional or does not have experience in painting.

Bumping the Ceiling

When painting your home, there are a few mistakes that you may make. One of these is bumping the ceiling while trying to reach high spots. It can cause paint to drip down, and if it’s not fixed, the paint can eventually peel off.

To avoid this, try using a ladder or stool to reach the high spots, and be careful not to bump into anything while you’re painting. If you happen to bump the ceiling, clean up the paint as soon as possible.


Over-brushing can damage the paint and leave unsightly streaks on the wall. It can cause the paint to start peeling and flaking off the wall. It’s essential to brush the paint in one direction and then stop. You don’t want to keep brushing the paint on, or you’ll end up with a streaky finish. To avoid this, it’s important to take your time and use light strokes when applying the paint.

Picking an Expensive, High-end paint When it’s Not Necessary 

Many homeowners mistake picking an expensive, high-end paint when it’s unnecessary. It can be a costly mistake, as the more expensive paints generally don’t need to be used in most cases. In most cases, a mid-priced paint will do the job just as well as a high-end paint. Many less expensive paints work just as well and can even look better than the high-end options.