Right Paint Colours for Your Home

How to Get Your Home Set Up and Ready for Professional Painters?

So you hired a professional painter to work on your home – that’s great!

There are ways to prepare your home for its new paint job. Ensuring your home is ready will speed up the painting process and help your walls and ceiling look brand new in no time.

Protecting furniture and other surfaces is essential whether one room or your entire home needs a fresh coat of paint. The last thing you want is for the paint to end up all over the place.

Are you ready to upgrade your space? Follow this handy guide to setting up your home for professional painters from your friends at Perry Wellington Painting and Decorating in Winnipeg.

How Do I Prepare My Home for Professional Painters?

There is more than one way to prepare your home for professional painters. Taking steps to prepare your house for an upcoming project makes it easier for painters to come in and finish their work. Here are some pieces of advice.

Move or Cover Furniture

Painting requires space. Painters must set up equipment such as paints, brushes, and ladders. That’s why it’s ideal to move smaller pieces of furniture to rooms that are not being painted. However, larger pieces of furniture may not be possible to move. In this case, they should be transferred to the centre of the room, away from the walls and covered with tarps or drop cloths.

Take Down Wall Decorations

Picture frames, wall decor, clocks, artwork, and various fixtures can get in a painter’s way. Plan to remove anything hanging on your walls before the painter arrives and store them safely until the job is done. Do not worry about nail holes or marks left behind. The surface preparation process ensures the drywall is patched, repaired, and smoothed before paint or primer is applied.

Clean Surfaces

As time passes, dirt and stains can appear on your walls. Cleaning the surfaces that are going to be painted is essential because the paint will not adhere to dirty walls. Surfaces that are not smooth can cause chipping and flaking. A surface cleaner and microfibre cloth will do the trick.

Clear and Protect the Floors

Any rugs or removable carpets should be taken out of the room before the painting project begins. This will prevent them from getting covered in paint. Please ask your contractor about masking. During this process, your painters will cover the floor and other objects in plastic to protect them until the job is done. Floors should be as clear as possible to make it easier for painters to finish the project.

Identify Damage Beforehand

Let your painter know if any trim, wall, or moisture damage is present. Moisture buildup might have caused wood to rot in your home. By advising your contractor before they start the job, they can make recommendations and plan for further surface repair and preparation.

If you plan on painting your home or condominium, why not call a professional to get the job done right? Call Perry Wellington Painting and Decorating in Winnipeg for a free quote.