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At Perry Wellington Painting & Decorating, our goal is to start and maintain a long term relationship with our clients to be the one and only stop for interior and exterior painting needs in Headingley and the surrounding area. With accumulated practical experience since the company started in 2009, we offer an unparalleled level of skill, trustworthiness, and client service through our ownership and professional painters on staff. We offer a proven system that is as meticulous as it is pleasant.

Starting our projects with a walkthrough with our clients to ensure good communication to the prep work before paint application. Our mission is to professionally and efficiently complete your painting project and leave your space in perfect condition, just as we found it. Every painting project we work on is our top priority while we are on-site until we fulfill our promise.

We have high attention to detail, respect our clients in every way, keep open lines of communication and provide quality workmanship which earns us the reputation of being the best Winnipeg painters for house painting or commercial painting projects.

As one of the top-rated interior Residential and Commercial painting companies in Headingley, we understand how professional interior home painting can play a significant role in enhancing the overall beauty of your property. You can trust us to take care of all of your interior painting needs. Whether you need us for a small job or a large job, we can take care of it all, both residential and commercial.

We work on small and large homes, condos, apartments, as well as commercial such as offices, retail stores, schools, hospitals, and restaurants. We are happy to serve whatever your needs are. Our knowledgeable, experienced, and passionate painters are always there to serve you with top-rated service and quality. Perry Wellington Painting and Decorating will make your interior of your house or commercial space one of the nicest calming spaces you could step foot in with a wow factor.

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About Us

Since 2009 we have proudly serviced Headingley and the surrounding area. We have a strong reputation as one of the best in Headingley because of our commitment to providing the best quality one could expect and personal management by the ownership of our company.

Our Mission

Perry Wellington works relentlessly to give customers the most compelling painting experience possible. The one constant is our company’s philosophy to offer the customer the best possible service, selection, quality, and value.

Who We Are

Perry Wellington Painting and Decorating offers both interior and exterior painting services. We employ more than 15 local painting professionals in Headingley, helping them and their families achieve a higher standard of living while providing homeowners with a fantastic painting experience.

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Perry Wellington Painting and Decorating work with any interior surfaces which include but are not limited to


Wallpaper Removal And Application

Ceiling Painting
Stipple Repair And Painting
Faux Finishes

Floor Coatings

Plaster Repair
Lacquer Finishes
Furniture Painting
Cabinet Painting
Wallpaper design

In Headingley, we deal with some of the most extreme swings in temperature between the seasons. This puts a large amount of stress on the paint system. Repainting your exterior as well as doing frequent maintenance and repair to the exterior substrate on which the paint is secured to help to protect the substrate keep your home protected and pretty looking. This will help avoid costly repairs in the future such as stucco repair and carpentry and helps to prevent potential structural issues.

Perry Wellington Painting and Decorating can bring back to life almost any exterior surfaces which include but is not limited to


Decks And Fences


Wood And Cedar Siding

Pvc Windows
Aluminum And Metal Surfaces

Your home should be warm and inviting and put you in a good state of mind and put you at ease as well as show well to your guests. If that is not the case that is where Perry Wellington Painting & Decorating comes in. We can help improve you space by preparing and painting your interior home living space. Each area can incorporate colors and schemes that bring about the best mood for that space. The colors of a room will highly depend on the individual and their personality. Have trouble picking colors? No problem! We have a color consultant that is more than happy to help.

We do small paint jobs as well as large paint jobs. So whether it is a single room to paint or your entire home, we can help. Our painting methods and techniques incorporate high attention to detail and mindful techniques in applying paint in the right way to reach a great paint finish. We offer multiple finishes that you can choose from. We offer stain finishes both transparent and opaque as well as lacquer and faux finishes. If you require feature walls or stripes we offer that as well.

We specialize in older less common surfaces and substrates such as plaster and textured surfaces like stipple and of course the more common surfaces such as drywall. Substrates like metal and plastic while being less common are also surfaces we can paint with the proper preparation techniques and specialty primers.

installation of kitchen cabinet winnipeg

Perry Wellington Painting and Decorating is experienced with all types of residential homes including

Single Family Homes




2 Story Homes
Character Homes
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Is your home or business in need of a fresh coat of paint on the stucco? Painting stucco offers many benefits including but not limited to sealing out moisture, covering stains and discoloration, and filling hairline cracks.

Perry Wellington Painting and Decorating offers stucco painting services that can remove years of wear and tear while bringing the shine back to your stucco. It is great for adding longevity to your stucco and protecting it for many years to come.

Our painting process will eliminate cracks, discoloration, and if you need stucco repair we will take care of bulging, cracked, and missing stucco. We will have your property looking new in no time.


The rural neighborhood of Headingley is home to just over 3,000 people. Technically west of Winnipeg and not part of the city, the municipality is serviced by the Trans-Canada Highway. The neighborhood also lies along the Assiniboine River. Manitoba Provincial Road 334 also services the area.

Headingley is home to Camp Manitou, two community centers, and what is known as The Headingley Grand Turk Trail. Are you familiar with the petroleum industry in Canada? There is a heritage museum in Headingley dedicated to the petroleum industry. Flying J and Gates on Roblin are two popular local businesses in the community.

Be sure to stop by Beaudry Provincial Park, which is one of the places where The Headingley Grand Turk Trail ends. Other points of interest include Crampton’s Market, Thunder Rapids Fun Park, Headingley Community Centre, and John Blumberg Golf Course.

Notable restaurants in the area include Nick’s Inn and Headingley Grill Restaurant & Catering. The Gates on Roblin mentioned earlier is also a dining establishment in Headingley. It is located at 6945 Roblin Boulevard. The Gates on Roblin is a wonderful place to enjoy a celebration dinner. Headingley is a place to enjoy peace and quiet while still having direct access to the city of Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Perry Wellington Painting Services

Interior Painting

We have been painting interiors from the beginning and specialize in providing as little disruption as possible while performing the highest quality prep, paint application, and clean up so that it looks like we were never there except for the new paint job

Exterior Painting

The exterior is the first thing that visitors, clients, and passers-by see and it should make a great first and lasting impression. We look forward to working with you to improve the exterior of your property to increase curb appeal.

Residential Painting

We have worked in and on thousands of homes in Headingley over the past 10 years. Let us show you why we are a perfect fit to work with homeowners to help them improve the look and feel of their living space.

Commercial Painting

We can work on or in any possible structure you can think of. Our staff are sensitive to the needs of business owners and make sure that your staff, clients, and tenants are disrupted as little as possible.

Stucco Painting

Stucco is one of the most common exterior surfaces in Manitoba and that is why we specialize in exterior and interior stucco and textured surfaces to bring back to life a stained and tired-looking surface.

Floor Coating

If you have a floor that needs brightening up chances are we are capable of painting it. We have a variety of products that suit almost all types of floors in both commercial and residential properties.

Headingley Painters – Frequently Asked Questions

What services does your Headingley painting company offer?

Our Headingley painters offer a range of services, including exterior and interior painting, stucco painting, drywall repair, wallpaper removal, and color consultation. They also provide preparation services such as surface cleaning, sanding, and priming as well as repair services.

How do I choose the right painting company?

To choose the right painting company, consider factors such as their experience, reputation, customer reviews, and pricing. Look for a company that has a proven track record of delivering high-quality results, uses quality materials, and offers a warranty or guarantee for their work.

How long does it take for a painting company to complete a project?

The time it takes for a painting company to complete a project depends on several factors, such as the size of the project, the complexity of the work, and the number of workers on the job. A small interior painting job may take only a day or two, while a large exterior painting project may take several weeks to complete.

Do painting companies provide estimates?

Yes, most painting companies provide free estimates to potential customers. An estimate will typically include a detailed breakdown of the services to be provided, the materials to be used, and the cost of the project. It’s important to get estimates from several companies to compare pricing and services.

Are painting companies licensed and insured?

Yes, reputable painting companies are licensed and insured. Licensing ensures that the company has met certain standards for quality and safety, while insurance protects both the company and the customer in the event of accidents or damages during the project. It’s important to verify that the company you choose is licensed and insured before hiring them for your painting project.

Is paint included in the estimate?

Yes, reputable painting companies will include the cost of pant in their estimate. If a painting contractor is asking you to buy your own paint, that may be a red flag.

What type of paint do you use?

As a professional painting company, we have access to commercial painting supplies. We use premium latex paints for most jobs, but have the option to use different types depending on the scope of the work.

More About Headingley

Headingley is a suburb in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. It is located in the southwest corner of the city, and is bounded by the Assiniboine River to the north, the Trans-Canada Highway to the east, the R.M. of Springfield to the south, and the community of South Pointe to the west.

Population:  15,000 people.

Zip Codes

  • R4H 0A1
  • R4H 0A2
  • R4H 0A3
  • R4H 0A4
  • R4H 0A5
  • R4H 0A6
  • R4H 0A7
  • R4H 0A8
  • R4H 0A9
  • R4H 0B1
  • R4H 0B2
  • R4H 0B3
  • R4H 0B4
  • R4H 0B5
  • R4H 0B6
  • R4H 0B7
  • R4H 0B8
  • R4H 0B9
  • R4H 0C1
  • R4H 0C2
  • R4H 0C3
  • R4H 0C4
  • R4H 0C5
  • R4H 0C6
  • R4H 0C7
  • R4H 0C8
  • R4H 0C9
  • R4H 0E1
  • R4H 1A1
  • R4H 1A2
  • R4H 1A3
  • R4H 1A4
  • R4H 1A5
  • R4H 1A6
  • R4H 1A7
  • R4H 1A8
  • R4H 1A9
  • R4H 1B1
  • R4H 1B2
  • R4H 1B3
  • R4H 1B4
  • R4H 1B5
  • R4H 1B6
  • R4H 1B8
  • R4H 1B9
  • R4H 1C1
  • R4H 1C2
  • R4H 1C3
  • R4H 1C4
  • R4H 1C5
  • R4H 1C6
  • R4H 1C7
  • R4H 1C8
  • R4H 1C9
  • R4H 1E1
  • R4H 1E2
  • R4H 1E3
  • R4H 1E5
  • R4H 1E7
  • R4H 1E8
  • R4H 1E9
  • R4H 1G1
  • R4H 1G2
  • R4H 1G3
  • R4H 1G4
  • R4H 1G5
  • R4H 1G6
  • R4H 1G7
  • R4H 1G8
  • R4H 1G9
  • R4H 1H3
  • R4H 1H4
  • R4H 1H5
  • R4H 1H6
  • R4H 1H7
  • R4H 1H8
  • R4H 1H9
  • R4H 1J1
  • R4H 1J2
  • R4H 1J3
  • R4H 1J4
  • R4H 1J5
  • R4H 1J6
  • R4H 1J7
  • R4H 1J8
  • R4H 1J9
  • R4H 1K1
  • R4H 1K2
  • R4H 1K3
  • R4H 1K4
  • R4J 1A3
  • R4J 1A4
  • R4J 1A5
  • R4J 1A6
  • R4J 1A7
  • R4J 1A8
  • R4J 1A9
  • R4J 1B1
  • R4J 1B2
  • R4J 1B3
  • R4J 1B4
  • R4J 1B5
  • R4J 1B6
  • R4J 1B7
  • R4J 1B8
  • R4J 1B9
  • R4J 1C1
  • R4J 1C2

Sport Teams: The sport teams that represent Headingley include the Headingley Hawks (hockey), the Headingley Lightning (baseball), and the Headingley Timberwolves (basketball).

Headingley is a vibrant and diverse community with a lot to offer its residents. It is home to a variety of parks, schools, and businesses. The community is also well-connected to the rest of Winnipeg by public transit.

Top Attractions In Headingley

Headingley is a Winnipeg suburb with a variety of parks, trails, and golf courses to explore.

Headingley Grill Restaurant and Catering: Headingley Grill Restaurant and Catering in Headingley offers a delectable culinary experience with a wide range of dishes to satisfy every palate.

Headingley Grill Restaurant and Catering

Thunder Rapids Amusement Park: Thunder Rapids Amusement Park is a small amusement park in Headingley, Manitoba, that offers a variety of rides and attractions.

Thunder Rapids Amusement Park

RED RIVER CO-OP GAS BAR: RED RIVER CO-OP GAS BAR in Headingley offers convenient fueling and friendly service for motorists.



More About Perry Wellington Painting

At Perry Wellington Painting, we take immense pride in transforming spaces into captivating works of art. As the premier painters in Headingley, our commitment to excellence, precision, and creativity sets us apart. Whether it’s a residential haven or a commercial establishment, our skilled team specializes in breathing life into every surface we touch.

With a passion for perfecting every brushstroke, our “Painter In Headingley” services encompass a spectrum of possibilities. Our expert craftsmen understand that your space is a canvas waiting to be adorned with color and character. From sophisticated residential projects that reflect your unique style to enhancing commercial spaces with a professional touch, we’ve been a beacon of trust for years. Join us in reimagining the aesthetics of Headingley, one stroke at a time.

Buying or Selling a Home?

What our customers say – a few of our many reviews

Raine U
Raine U
Long overdue review. There was close competition between the companies I looked into for the service, however Perry Wellington Painting came up on top, primarily the customer service and the price. The customer service from beginning to end was definitely the highlight, I was able to communicate with the owners even provided me with their direct numbers and are professional, friendly and receptive to how I wanted the painting done, they also advised me of what fixes were required before the exterior painting begins, and provided background why it is needed. Referred me a carpenter who I also received excellent customer service from. Workers on site were also friendly and professional, once completed the lead supervisor made sure I was content and happy with the end result, and listened to my request for some retouches and sharpening paint lines. Wife and I were very happy with the results. I highly recommend them, there are many more positive experiences, but will drag my review longer. Thank you for your service.
Monique Levesque-Pharoah
Monique Levesque-Pharoah
Perry Wellington painted my mom's house. It's an older house and they made it look brand new. While I kept adding to the list of what we wanted painted on very hot summer days they did so responsively and professionally. Would use their services again. Monique
darcie koshelanyk
darcie koshelanyk
Highly recommend Perry Wellington Painting. They made our house painting project a very positive experience. From the initial conversation with Tom to the final inspection with Christian, every single person we interacted with during the project was exceptional. After we received the quote from Rick, he patiently answered every single question we had. Lloyd did a great job of keeping us up to date on the schedule and he was super fast about returning emails. The guys who prepped and painted our house did a fantastic job. They were all very personable and respectful and when they left, we didn’t know they were even here – other than the fact that our house looked waaay better. They took everything with them – including the empty bottles and cans from the water and pop I offered them! Seeing Christian the very next day to do his inspection was very impressive. He offered to fill the holes where the old mailbox and numbers were and re-painted the boards. He was very accommodating. and even talked to my neighbour about a paint problem she was having. She said it was not the answer she was hoping for but she got great advice and totally appreciated the honest answer.
Dennis Olivier
Dennis Olivier
W e were more than satisfied with the quality of workmanship . The preparation completed by Oswaldo prior to painting our home was exceptional. We highly recommend Perry Wellington to anyone looking to have the exterior of their home painted.
SDB Co-op
SDB Co-op
Professional work. Got lots of compliments from neighbours. Did refer to friends who were really pleased with the work and the workers. Very respectful employees. After a year the work they have done is still looking good.
andrea m54
andrea m54
Perry Wellington Painting did a fantastic job on our century old home. Tom our estimator was a pleasure to deal with and the crew that were sent were great. Will be using them for future interior projects. My sister and another neighbour have used them in the past and were so happy with their work as well!
andrea wiebe
andrea wiebe
Amazing! From the beginning of the project to the end! The Perry Wellington team were professional, knowledgeable and went over and above what was expected of them...not to mention, their price was reasonable. I highly recommend them and they are the ONLY painters I would go to!