Guide to Prepare Your Office for Painting

guide to prepare your office for paintingSo, you’ve decided to paint your office. Whether you’re doing it to make a fresh start or simply want to change the look of the place, repainting your office can be a fun and therapeutic project. 

But before you break out the brushes, there are a few things to do to prepare your office for painting. 

In this blog post, we’ll walk you through everything you need to do to get your office ready for a new coat of paint.


Create a To-Do List 

To lead off your office painting project, draft a to-do list that covers all steps needed to prepare your workspace for painting properly. 

Some key items on this list may include moving furniture and where to put it, buying and placing drop cloths, removing switch plates and outlet covers, cleaning room surfaces, and masking areas you will not paint. 


Prepare your Workers

When preparing an office or other workspace for painting, ensure that all your employees are properly drilled and briefed. This step ensures everyone has been provided with the proper safety gear, such as goggles, face masks, and protective clothing. 

You will also want to ensure that everyone knows the proper techniques for handling all the different types of paint and supplies involved in the job.


Decide on the Paint Colors

decide on the paint colors

Before you start painting, you must decide on the colors you want to use. It’s important to make sure you select colors that will be both complementary and stimulating.

There are many factors to consider when picking out the perfect shade, including the room’s shape and size, the space’s purpose, and any personal preferences you may have. Consider consulting with a professional painter to get some ideas.


Request for Estimates 

If you are preparing to have your office painted, request estimates from several painting contractors, even if just to gauge the market. 

Get references and look at pictures of their previous work to see if their style jibes with yours. Also, ensure that the contractor you choose is insured and has a good reputation.


Move Delicate Items and Cover up the Flooring

Painting can be messy even when you are being SUPER careful. 

If you have delicate or fragile items in your office, now is the time to move them elsewhere. These may include artwork, plants, or any other items that may be damaged by exposure to paint fumes, over-spray, or plain ol’ getting bumped into. You never know.

Once you have gathered and moved everything, now is the time to put down thick plastic sheets on the floors. This precaution will protect them from damage and prevent excess paint splatter from going in places that you don’t want it.


Set up a Staging Area for Your Painters

You should set up a staging area where all your painters can safely prep and mix/pour paint, without having to worry if they’re going to mess anything up. This space should be well-ventilated and outfitted with a table, extra brushes and rollers, and of course, paint. 

Make sure that there is enough space for the painters to move around. Label all of your office’s switches, sockets, and other electrical components so that the painters know which ones to avoid.


Bottom Line

Don’t neglect your office space, it can cost you customers and hinder employee productivity. A fresh coat of paint is a quick and affordable way to give your office a makeover that will impress clients and boost morale. 

To get started, follow the steps outlined above. With a little preparation, you can transform your commercial space into a shining example of success.