Can you paint over wallpaper

Wallpaper trends can come and go. You may have moved into a new home, and you don’t love the wallpaper pattern from the previous owners. Or you may be tired of the design you chose a few years ago. But the question is, can you paint directly over the wallpaper, or must it be removed first? In many instances, yes, you can paint right over your wallpaper! Keep reading to find out how to prepare your wall for painting and when wallpaper removal is your best option.

When shouldn’t I paint over the wallpaper?

People might argue over whether or not you can paint over wallpaper. When done properly, painting directly over your wallpaper can save you time and money. However, your wallpaper must be in the right condition for this project. First, step back and assess your walls. Here are some instances where the wallpaper should be removed before painting:

– Your wallpaper is peeling, bubbling, or showing signs of wear and tear.

– Your wallpaper is textured in any way.

– Your wallpaper is a dark, saturated colour, likely to show through the paint eventually.

– You are in your forever home. Since you may eventually need to remove the wallpaper, remember that a coat of paint will make this more difficult in the future, and you may as well do it now.

Removing wallpaper is a messy, tedious job. You might even damage your walls in the process, which will need repairing before you can paint your room. Consider hiring a professional if your wallpaper needs to be removed before painting.

How do I paint over wallpaper?

If you’ve decided that your wallpaper is in great condition and you’ll go ahead with painting directly on top of it, you’ll need to prepare the area properly for the best results. Here’s how to prepare your wall to paint:

Clean the Area  

With warm water and a cloth, thoroughly clean the entire area. 

Inspect the Edges 

Before painting, inspect the edges and seams of your wallpaper for any peeling. Again, if your wallpaper is peeling excessively or showing signs of damage, you’d be best to remove it before painting. For small areas that are coming loose, you can use wallpaper glue or adhesive to reattach the paper to the wall.

Prep, Prime, and Paint Your Wall

You can now paint your walls as you normally would! Remember to tape off all sections to be painted and move or protect any surrounding furniture. Always use a high-quality oil-based primer before painting over wallpaper. This is important, as a water-based primer can seep into your wallpaper and loosen the adhesive, causing problems in the long run. Once your primer has dried, you can finally paint! Allow plenty of drying time between coats, and enjoy! 
Painting a wall or room is an exciting project. There’s nothing like a fresh coat of paint to make a room feel clean and new. Whether you decide to paint over your wallpaper or remove it first, you can take on this project yourself with the correct skills and equipment. However, you may decide that calling on a professional is the way to go. Whether for wallpaper removal or interior painting, the pros at Perry Wellington Painting & Decorating Winnipeg want to make your home look its best! Don’t hesitate to reach out today.