Right Paint Colours for Your Home

Accent Wall Tips – Essential Dos and Don’ts

Painting an accent wall is a simple, cost-effective way to bring some wow factor to your home. When done properly, an accent wall can make your room look bigger while adding excitement to your space. What is an accent wall? An accent wall is a single wall in a room deliberately painted differently from the rest. This wall then becomes the focal point of the room. If you’re thinking about painting an accent wall but aren’t sure how to go about it, keep reading to find out the essential do’s and don’ts!

DO: Pick the right colour

Picking a colour for your accent wall can be overwhelming. How do you choose? First, consider the room you want to paint and your current decor. Unless you plan to redecorate soon, choose a paint colour that compliments your existing furniture and accessories. Think about colours you like – you don’t have to use a trendy colour right now if you don’t like it. An accent wall is the perfect opportunity to express your style and personality!  

DON’T: Choose a random wall

Choosing which wall to turn into an accent wall makes all the difference, and you want to pick the right one. Don’t just pick a random wall! Instead, take a step back and look at your entire room. Which wall is the focal point of your room? Do you have a feature you want to highlight? Accent walls usually work best on large, rectangular walls uninterrupted by windows or doors. Living room walls with a fireplace, mantel, or television make a great choice for an accent wall. The wall where your headboard rests is a popular choice in the bedroom.

DO: Consider the other walls in your room

An accent wall usually looks best when paired with neutral colours, such as a soft grey or beige, instead of a harsh white. Try not to add too many colours to your walls – this can be distracting and cause your space to look too busy. You want your accent wall to stand out from the other walls, not be competing for attention!

DON’T: Be boring

An accent wall is meant to be bold. You can opt for a safe neutral, but be brave and bold with your accent wall. Remember, the whole point of an accent wall is to set it apart from the rest of the room and add some contrast. You can even consider wallpaper or experimenting with different textures. The options are limitless!

DO: Hire a professional

If you only paint one wall, do you need a professional interior painter? You could attempt this project with the proper tools and know-how. However, remember that painting a wall involves much more than slapping on a layer of paint. Painting an accent wall requires much prep work and the proper equipment to do the job correctly. Consider hiring a professional if you want your room to look its best.  

Accent walls are popular for living rooms and bedrooms but can be used in any house room. An accent wall is an inexpensive way to add a pop of colour to a space and transform an entire room. Remember that these do’s and don’ts are just tips. You can paint your home any way you like, so have fun! If you’re considering adding an accent wall to your home and need a professional, contact us at Perry Wellington Painting & Decorating – Winnipeg Painters today!