Why Is it Wise to Hold on to Leftover Paint

If you are a hoarder then please disregard this message. However, If you hate clutter then you may be tempted to throw out leftover cans of paint after you paint project is complete. Be strong and resist this temptation. It may save you a lot of aggravation in the future.

It is very well known that there’s always a need for some leftover paint. Over time as rooms experience wear and tear there will be a growing need to have those areas remedied. Whether its caused by dirty hands scuffing walls, your pet, moving furniture that leads to banging the wall, there will eventually be a need for touchups.
When this happens, you will want to have this paint on hand for several reasons. The first reason is that it will save you time from getting in your car and going to the paint store to order more paint.

Along with wear and tear it is important to note that no one is perfect and if there is a missed spot or a thin spot where the paint needs to be applied a little more thickly to attain an even colour and finish then you will need more paint.

If you are doing a touch up then it is very important to use the can from which the original paint came. Often if you go to a store and have a whole new gallon made up there can be some slight variances. It would be indistinguishable to the naked eye if yo unpainted a whole wall but doing a spot touch up in the middle of the wall can expose this variance and come off as flashing on the wall. So use the original can as that colour came from a specific tinting machine.

Of course, there may not be enough to do the touch up you require. If you want to paint some additional walls then you will surely need more.

Having the can will make buying more a lot easier. A can of paint will usually have labels on the lid and the body with very important information. Labels will state the brand, manufacturer’s code, color, gloss level, and type of paint (latex or oil-based) you are using. Bring the can with you to the paint store so that they can easily reproduce the colour in the correct product.

Make sure to store your paint in an area that will stay room temperature all year round. If paint freezes which is liable to happen in the winter if you store it in your garage it will spoil the paint.

So, resist the urge to dispose of your leftover paint. A day will come when you’ll be glad that you did!