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Guide to Our Commercial Painting Services at Perry Wellington

A new coat of paint can work wonders.

We are committed to providing quality commercial painting services to all our customers at Perry Wellington Painting and Decorating in Winnipeg. Offering more than a decade of experience, we are your expert painters. A new paint job can breathe new life into your space. So if you want to spruce up your office building or retail store, we are here. Each project is of the utmost importance to us.

Here is Perry Wellington’s guide to our commercial painting services. 

What Commercial Painting Services Does Perry Wellington Offer?

With the expertise of our professional painters, you can upgrade your space within your budget. Chances are people visit your property almost every day. Why not impress your clients with a painting project? Here are the services Perry Wellington offers to suit all your painting needs. 

School Painting

If your school needs a new coat of paint, look at Perry Wellington Painting and Decorating in Winnipeg. Our team of painters is ready to boost your school spirit with a fresh look. We have the experience, equipment, and expertise to make your school look its best while causing minimal disruption to your schedule. Our company gives each project our full attention. Call for an estimate today.

Retail Store Painting

The interior of your store says a lot about its branding and mood. It can even affect the spending habits of your customer base. Exterior paintwork makes your building look more maintained and increases the curb appeal of your storefront. A paint job from Perry Wellington ensures the surfaces and common areas inside and outside your business look their best. From boutiques to big-box stores, we have you covered.

Office Painting

Your office should be a happy, efficient place that reflects the attitude of your business. A good paint job can help with that. A professional appearance and quality paintwork are essential to improving the work environment and productivity. A well-planned paint job can even be helpful with marketing or safety. Call Perry Wellington Painting and Decorating in Winnipeg to discuss your options today.

Warehouse and Factory Painting

If your warehouse or factory needs a fresh coat of paint, call Perry Wellington. We are a reliable and experienced painting company that offers comprehensive painting services for warehouses and factories of all sizes. Our professionals will work diligently to complete each painting project on time and within budget. Please speak with one of our employees to learn more about our services.

Hotel Painting

First impressions are everything. As soon as they walk through your doors, your guests should feel welcome and confident that they chose to stay with you. The paint in your lobby and other common areas needs to be clean and pleasing; the rooms should be relaxing and serene. Hotel painters take more than just decoration into account: surroundings affect value. Let Perry Wellington Painting and Decorating in Winnipeg offer you a free quote.

Hospital Painting

A professional hospital paint job is beneficial for patients and staff. Sometimes, hospitals are viewed as cold, dark places that make people uncomfortable. The right colours can brighten a space and create a hospital look more modern and clean. A new paint job is an improvement that can have an impact. Call Perry Wellington to upgrade your hospital paintwork today. 

Restaurant Painting

Are the walls of your restaurant peeling or fading? It might be a sign to freshen up the place. A new coat of paint will make everything look clean and more inviting for potential new customers. A new colour scheme to match your branding? Your business is worth it! Unlike some commercial contractors, our team takes pride in our work and focuses on detail and application quality. Questions? Call Perry Wellington Painting and Decorating in Winnipeg to learn how we can make your restaurant shine.

What Are the Benefits of Commercial Painting Services?

The addition of new paintwork can have a significant impact on your business. It is a great investment for business owners for multiple reasons. Here’s why you should consider professional painting services.

Best First Impression and Image

When someone enters your business, you only have one chance to make a positive first impression. A quality commercial paint job can improve your company’s branding, perception, and recognition. 

Increases Property Value

A well-maintained and visually appealing property has a higher market value than its counterparts. When you go to sell, you can make more money. A commercial paint job gives you a higher return on your investment. 

Stand Out

Potential customers make decisions in seconds. Someone available and professional who can meet their expectations is essential. A good visual impression is important to stay ahead of the competition.

Expand Client Base

Blending into the crowd could be better for business. A commercial paint job will give people a good impression of your business and make it memorable. The right paint job will make your business look professional, inviting, and trustworthy. 

Extends Lifespan

Quality paintwork can improve your building’s appearance and make it last longer. Freshly painted surfaces resist weather and abrasions. Why not reap two benefits at the same time?

Why Choose Perry Wellington’s Commercial Painting Services?

Our team of painters is committed to making each client happy. We cater to each client’s needs, such as price, colour scheme, and schedule. Here are some reasons to choose us as commercial painters in and around Winnipeg.


Since forming in 2009, Perry Wellington Painting and Decorating has become one of Winnipeg’s most trusted professional painting businesses. Our team has experience painting various commercial properties, inside and out. Our collaboration and growth have allowed us to become leaders in the commercial painting Winnipeg industry.


At Perry Wellington, we focus on our customers and their needs. Whether your office needs a new paint job or your retail store’s exterior requires updating, we will work with you. We provide professional painting and stucco services that will surpass your expectations. 

Minimal Disruption

We know time is money at Perry Wellington Painting and Decorating in Winnipeg. We appreciate that the difference with commercial painting is working around business hours, so we do what we can to avoid disrupting the daily operations of your business. We also wash exterior surfaces that need painting and cover floors and other items to prevent paint from damaging them. Call us to find out how we can accommodate your business during painting.