Sell a Home Fast – Best Paint Touch-Ups to Make

Are you planning on selling your house in the near future? Touch up painting can be a very wise investment. By touching up the exterior and having the home appear in pristine condition will show potential buyers that your home has been well maintained and cared for and provides comfort to potential buyers.

Here is a list of areas to keep in mind when undertaking touch ups.

  1. They say curb appeal accounts for 15% of the value of your home. Make sure there are no paint chips, bubbles or pealing paint exposing bare wood.
  2. Take a look at your foyer. This is where potential buyers get their initial glimpse of your home interior. Clean every surface and touch up walls where the paint shows marks or nicks.
  3. The kitchen and bathroom are by far the most important rooms in the house. Touch up as needed and put extra effort into the powder room which will be visited most often through walkthroughs.
  4. Kitchens can often look small and to help make look bigger, paint the kitchen a very light colour, preferably off-white. Cloud White from Benjamin Moore is always a favourite. At a minimum, remove food stains from the
  5. walls and remedy water spots by applying some primer and a coat of touchup paint.Check all window ledges. These areas can attract dust, stains and pealing paint. You do not want a potential buyers view to be ruined by these things. Sand, prime, and paint any sill where people may delay their tour.
  6. Inspect all your trim and woodwork. Touch up all chipped paint on these areas which can include chair rails, baseboards and casings.
  7. Look at areas that can come in contact with dirty hands and high traffic. This can be door jams, window frames, and the walls around your light switches. If the areas are smudged or dirty, you may be able to clean them if you used a glossier paint; if that doesn’t work, then do touchups.
  8. Cabinet doors can be one of the strongest magnets to dirt due to proximity to cooking and always being touched by your hands. If possible, scrub them clean of fingerprints or touch up those that are painted. Pay special attention to your kitchen, where everything should be spotless.
  9. Ceilings are another areas that can be under high scrutiny from potential buyers because they are typically white and any blemishes can be clearly seen. Take time to carefully prime and re-paint if there are many of these blemishes present.