Psychological Effects of Colour

Why choose one paint colour over another. There are many reasons to select a particular paint colour. This may include personal preferences and design considerations such as architectural features or furniture.

However, what’s often overlooked is the psychological effect of colour on mood. There are many studies that indicate that certain colours, shades, hues can result in different moods and in turn affect behaviour.

Due to this revelation it would be wise to take time to think about the feeling you’d like to create in your surroundings even before choosing a colour. For example, do you want the space to be calming or energizing? After making such decisions then it will lead to a much easier colour choice.

If your goal is to create a peaceful and calm space you should look to a pale green or blue. These are knows calming and restful colours and that is why they are perfect for rooms where you typically rest and relax. The family room, living room, or bedroom for example would be good candidates.

If blue or green is not your taste and it is a restful aura you require then certain beiges and browns, as well as taupe will do the trick.

If calmness is not what you seek and you wish to inject some liveliness into your environment, then you need to go to the far end of the psychological spectrum where you will find yellow.

Rooms that are painted yellow can literally lift the spirit and brighten one’s outlook.

Like yellow, orange is another exciting and uplifting colour. Both are great choices for any room where you spend your morning hours.

Reds are also energizing, but they should be used sparingly. Red can be intense and if overused very overpowering. Studies show that red stimulates the appetite, which is why it is used on walls in so many restaurants so naturally a great choice for the dining room.

Be sure to take into account the tone of the paint you choose. Tone also plays a role in creating mood. Generally speaking, brighter tones invigorate, while those that are more toned down will help you relax.

Finally, after choosing the colour, make sure you choose a high quality product to apply it in. The highest quality paints made with 100% acrylic are extremely fade resistant, meaning that the colour you apply will continue to look that way for years to come.