Painting Before Buying a Home

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If you do not have possession of the home for a quote, no problem. Send us the listing with the room dimensions and we can get a very close approximation to price until we can get in there to verify at possession.

Put your personal stamp on your new home and begin the next phase of your life by painting your new home before officially moving in. Painting your home before settling into your new house is ideal for many situations — it can minimize stress, save time and finalize your decor decisions prior to moving in. By painting your new home before moving in, you can also benefit from:

Benefits Of Painting Before Moving In

MOVING – By painting prior to moving in you do not have to move all your furniture twice. If there’s no furniture in your home you can easily avoid extra time covering and moving the furniture which makes it more cost effective. It is also faster to cover the flooring to prevent drips hitting the floor.
PERSONAL TOUCH – A house doesn’t truly feel like your space until you’ve added your personal touch to it. One of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to insert your personal style is by painting the walls with colours that fit your personality.
TIME SAVINGS – Having to move furniture to prep and paint can be time-consuming and difficult. But by painting before you officially move in, you can save much needed time that can be spent painting straight away.

SAVINGS – with an empty home our painters can more easily maneuver from room to room, which can save time completing your painting project and save on the overall price fo the job.


INSPIRATION – If you are buying furniture for your home and cannot decide perhaps choosing colours for your walls first will help to inspire you when deciding on furniture. Deciding which colours and pieces will best work in your space and accentuate your taste.

We are some of Winnipeg’s top painters, and would love to help you put your own personal touch on your new home!
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