Paint Before Moving In

It is not uncommon to want to make a new home your own by choosing colours that are your style. The best way to paint a home is when it is empty. By painting your home before all the furniture is moved in can be beneficial on several fronts.

These are 3 reasons why you want to paint before you move in:

  1. You can easily paint ceilings, closets and trim. Who wants to tape trim and edge in ceilings while herding furniture and arranging drop cloths? And just imagine painting the bedroom closet once your slovenly spouse has staked his claim.
  2. No one wants to occupy an ugly house. Once you move in it becomes increasingly easy to procrastinate on getting the painting done.
  3. Its Cheaper. By painting a home while it is empty or before new flooring goes in it allows you to complete the job at a faster rate. You spend less time moving furniture, putting down sheets and more time applying paint at a faster rate.

Keep all these reasons in mind when purchasing a house with the intention of painting the interior. Off course its not impossible to paint once you are moved in, its just a little harder and not as economical.